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On-Call Scheduling Software: FAQs and Common Concerns

Technology is ubiquitous in several aspects of our daily lives. This proves no different in the healthcare industry, especially when it comes to communication. Unfortunately, some facilities are still using a mix of email, fax machines, and voicemails to create their on-call schedules. These methods are inefficient and waste time, money, and energy. MDsyncNET’s on-call scheduling software simplifies the communication process of creating on-call schedules.

Here are some FAQs and common concerns about MDsyncNET’s On-Call Scheduling Software:

How does the On-Call Scheduling Software work? is a central place online for your colleagues to collaborate in real-time.

Administrators are given secure access to create schedules up to one year in advance and they have the ability to make changes to the schedule 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The software maintains history with the “track changes” features. Further, it identifies who is making changes to the schedule and when the changes occur and what the change was.

We have a spreadsheet. How is better?

Our system is more efficient than a spreadsheet. MDsyncNET converts paper-driven processes into an electronic management system. Too much time and money are being spent unnecessarily if your hospital is still using some mixture of e-mails, faxes, phone calls, and voicemails to combine schedules into a spreadsheet, word document, or even a hand-written page for your on-call scheduling. Our software ensures immediate accuracy and efficiency. Once in place, this module will greatly benefit your facility by removing a time-wasting, manual on-call scheduling process.

How do I access the schedules?

You can access the software from any web browser. Whether computer, tablet, or smartphone, the schedule is always available with an internet connection.

Is it difficult to learn how to use MDsyncNET?

While learning a new system may seem daunting, it only takes one day of training to get started with MDsyncNET. Once in place, your organization will greatly benefit from removing a time-wasting, manual on-call scheduling process.

How will MDsyncNET save our facility money?

A major way that we help facilities spend less money is by avoiding a duplication of efforts. Our software decreases the amount of time and amount of effort that is invested in creating on-call schedules. For example, instead of having one "Great Decoder," each call group can be its own administrator in MDsyncNET and make changes to its schedule in real-time. By decentralizing this process, many of our clients have reduced their employees' workload substantially. Consequently, this frees them up to help the entire hospital run more efficiently.

Are there any other benefits of the On-Call Scheduling Software?

Yes! It improves efficiency and accuracy, enhances physician satisfaction, manages risk, enhances patient care, increases employee satisfaction, and more.

How much does MDsyncNET cost?

There are up to 8 modules available in a customizable package. The number of modules selected and the schedules needed determines pricing. In order to determine how our services best align with your facility’s objectives, please give us a call at 888-506-5061.

Overall, our On-Call Scheduling Software is the most efficient way to create on-call schedules. It is accurate, saves facilities time and money, reduces employee stress, and puts on-call schedules in real time. If you would like to schedule a free demo, click here.

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