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Hospitalists are the beating heart of inpatient facilities, yet hospitalist shift scheduling and communication pose challenges to:

Physicians that seek better work-life balance
Medical groups that need to adapt to complex scheduling demands
Hospitals that want to better integrate hospitalists into their organizational culture
MDsyncNET's hospitalist shift scheduling software solves these dilemmas.

Straightforward and Effective

MDsyncNet Hospitalist Illustration

Create Responsive Hospitalist Block Schedules

MDsyncNET provides the flexibility you need to accommodate hospitalist block schedules. Whether your hospital schedules seven days of 12-hour shifts followed by seven days off, five days on and five days off, or a different configuration, MDsyncNET effortlessly adapts to your needs.

Track Hospitalist Blocks and Hours

MDsyncNET’s permissions-based hospitalist scheduling software enables administrators to generate reports to ensure that the number of shifts and hours worked aligns with the hospitalists’ contracted quotas.
MDsyncNet Hospitalist Illustration
MDsyncNet Hospitalist Illustration

Optimize Continuity of Care

MDsyncNET supports continuity of care with 24/7 virtual healthcare huddles, thereby improving patient outcomes, decreasing length of stay, and reducing readmissions.

Keep Hospitalists Engaged

MDsyncNET’s healthcare communications software ensures that hospitalists are integrated into the organizational culture.
MDsyncNet Hospitalist Illustration

The Latest News

MDsyncNET provides timely information and commentary about healthcare staffing challenges and solutions.
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