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Hospital Operational Efficiency: Transforming Effectiveness into Productivity

“Efficiency” has become the mantra of the hospital workplace. With revenues ever more dependent on performance metrics and margins increasingly narrow, extracting every bit of value from hospital resources – both material and human – is vital. All too often, though, Medical Services Professionals (MSP) and their colleagues (CMOs, VPMAs) feel the squeeze.

In part, that’s because hospital operational efficiency is often equated with productivity, while effectiveness is completely left out of the equation. In truth, effectiveness is the cornerstone from which hospital operational efficiency and productivity are built. An MSP’s effectiveness stems from their ability to adeptly navigate a number of essential roles, described by National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) as encompassing:

  • Credentialing
  • Tracking practitioner training, experience, and licensure data
  • Analyzing data relating to credentialing and privileging
  • Coordinating accredited CME programs
  • Implementing regulations and standards
  • Developing communication processes between physicians and administrators
  • Instituting bylaws, policies, and rule impacting practitioners

If effectiveness is defined as “doing the right thing” – achieving objectives in the service of goals created to achieve a hospital’s mission – then efficiency is defined as “doing things right.” Streamlining processes is one type of efficiency; utilizing information technology is another. MSPs are on the leading edge of creating and implementing efficiencies that are aligned with healthcare’s movement toward value-based revenues. They play a pivotal role in managing processes that evolve to meet the changing needs of hospitals, many of which are extending their reach and building capacity.

MDsyncNET can partner with MSPs to smooth organizational transitions and enable efficiency that allow MSPs to be more effective. For example, with our Medical Staff Services module, physician credentialing can be accelerated, medical staff documents can be coordinated, and CME calendars can be readily accessed. By enabling anytime, anywhere access, our On-Call Scheduling module enables effortless on-call schedule changes and one-click notifications. Together with the remaining six modules (Committees, Phone Directories, Forum, Broadcast, Text Messaging, and Call Tracking) in the MDsyncNET suite, MSS and On-Call Scheduling facilitate the ability of MSPs to synergize effectiveness and efficiency and deliver productivity boosts up and down the organizational ladder.

Graphic Transforming Effectiveness and Efficiency into Productivity


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