Healthcare communication platform solutions

On-Call Scheduling

Improve Efficiency and Accuracy

A patient is waiting for a neurology consultation but after several phone calls the nurse still can’t locate the appropriate physician.

The On-Call Scheduling module provides accurate, up-to-date schedule information for on-call practitioners, eliminating the accidental 1 a.m. phone call to the wrong practitioner.

Call Tracking

Easily and efficiently track calls

Manual methods for tracking outbound calls such as the use of 3-ring binders – which can be tedious to use and read and especially difficult to share – are outdated with today’s technology.

With MDsyncNET, you will know, at a glance, which calls have successfully been connected to the desired physician or group, regardless of shift changes. Administrators can access this data from inside or outside the facility using any Internet-connected computer.

Text Messaging

Reach physicians quickly

Manual methods of sending a text message to a colleague, doctor, employee, or administrator with a regular handset isn’t practical in today’s hospital environment. The process is slow and requires multiple steps:

  1. One must locate the correct phone number on a spreadsheet, rolodex, print off and/or an electronic directory;
  2. Dial the phone number; and
  3. Manually enter a call back number.
  4. Auditing this process usually involves thumbing through a 3-ring binder.

Time is of the essence.  Text messaging with MDsyncNET’s web-based Text Messaging module is a simple and efficient way to streamline your paging protocols so that emergencies are handled immediately. From the website, just click on the contact’s phone number (for any text-capable phone), type the message, and send.

Phone Directories

Up to date contact information

Internal and external contact information is always out-of-date.

With the Directories module authorized users can quickly and easily updateinternal and external contact information immediately for users to access. E.g. administration team, medical staff leaders, contract manager, department managers, disaster recovery teams, funeral homes, nursing homes, clinics, pharmacies and out-patient surgery centers.


Notify staff 24 hours a day

The Survey team has arrived and all employees and practitioners need to be alerted for readiness.

The Broadcast module allows you to create distribution lists to ensure important information is sent to the appropriate people via online at, in their email, smartphone or iPad.


Fostering two way communication

Most hospitals struggle with communication to their medical staff, employees, etc… Physicians often say that Hospital Administration doesn’t communicate with them. What they mean, is “you don’t ask for my feedback about important issues.”

The MDsyncNET FORUM allows hospitals to communicate with their medical staff and other team members in a way that fosters two way communication.

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