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How to Reduce Patient Wait Times in the Emergency Department

Patients sometimes wait hours for treatment. To provide better patient care, it is crucial for facilities to reduce their wait times, particularly in the emergency department. In fact, patients who are seen quickly have better outcomes than those who have to wait a long time. With many life-threatening conditions, such as heart-attacks and strokes, every second is essential to a patient’s survival and recovery.

Although it won’t solve all problems pertaining to patient wait times, implementing a quality physician scheduling software is sure to help.

A physician scheduling software, such as MDsyncNET, helps ensure that all shifts are covered, your staff isn’t overworked or burned out, and it helps reduce patient wait times. Here are three ways a physician scheduling software can reduce patient wait times in the emergency department.

It is easier to contact doctors in emergencies

If there are more patients in the emergency room than anticipated, you need to be able to call doctors as quickly as possible. MDsyncNET is a scheduling software program that provides users with accurate, up-to-date schedule information for which practitioners are on call. With this software, on-call schedules are always online and in real-time in real-time and available online. This takes a lot of guesswork out of who is available to come into the facility. This eliminates the accidental 1 am call to the wrong physician.

Reduced chances of being understaffed

Under-staffed emergency rooms and long wait times go hand in hand. This could be due to the emergency room being busier than expected. Or, not enough doctors scheduled to work. Implementing Physician scheduling software solve these issues. With MDsyncNET, you can create schedules up to one year in advance. 

Physicians can focus on what matters

Physician scheduling software, like MDsyncNET, gives authorized users access to the schedule at any time, on any browser. This allows physicians to track their shift changes in real-time. Not only does this save physicians from having to track down their schedule, it saves administration time. At the end of the day, instead of spending time worrying about and tracking down their schedules, physicians can focus on what really matters -- patients. reduce patient wait times 

So, whether you are implementing a scheduling software to save physicians’ time, contact a doctor for emergency scheduling or simply wanting to improve patient satisfaction by reducing wait times, it can be an essential part of running any facility. To learn more about MDsyncNET’s physician on-call scheduling software and what it can do for your emergency department, we encourage you to request a demo here.

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