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Interview with Brad Goldsmith, Co-Founder of’s Co-Founder, Brad Goldsmith, recently had an interview with Markitors discussing his business, inspiration and the three things he can guarantee his customers.

What inspired you to start MDsyncNET?

Brad Goldsmith: During the internet boom in 2001, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I was looking for investors around a business plan that would provide a customer-oriented web-based solution for brick and mortar stores. While looking for partners and investors for this project I met a doctor who had been approached by a hospital facility in northern Indiana to build a web portal for their hospital to physician communications, which included on-call schedules. We decided to pursue this project. After we had success with that customer, we looked at helping other facilities. Now, we work with hospitals all across America.  

What led you into entrepreneurship? Was it something you always knew you wanted to be? Or did you just stumble into it?

Brad Goldsmith: While attending business school at Indiana University I sold home and commercial fitness equipment. The owner of the business was successful but I saw many ways to improve on his business practices. Realizing that success isn’t for the chosen few, I knew that this building a business was something I needed to pursue. I have a passion for technology and a mind for streamlining business processes and implement these ideas into our current system,

Why Physician On-Call Scheduling?

The first facility that we worked with was using a lot of paper, phone calls and faxes to communicate their on-call schedules. This was time-consuming and patient safety was at risk. Specifically, they came to us because they were experiencing issues with calling the wrong doctor in the middle of the night and not contacting the doctor how they wanted to be contacted. Not only do these issues affect the patient, they are also a drag on physician satisfaction. Further, they heard how the Internet could be a way to improve the accuracy of their on-call schedules by making them real-time. They realized there had to be a better way. That’s when we were approached.

What is something you can guarantee for MDsyncNET customers?

  1. Great customer service.

  2. Simple and easy-to-use software.

  3. Technology that never stops improving.

What makes your job worth it? What gets you excited to go to work every day?

Knowing that I can help. Throughout my career, I have focused on helping others achieve their goals. I believe that by giving more than taking, my personal success will follow. I enjoy putting a lot of my time and energy into my customers. Their satisfaction is a large driving factor for me. That's why we've had customers for over 15 years -- they are our top priority. In addition to customer satisfaction, I get to be hands-on with what I am passionate about -- cutting edge technology. Being my own boss doesn’t hurt either!  

What are some challenges of working in the healthcare/technology industry?

I came from being a personal trainer to working in the hospital and IT industry. Talk about a huge learning curve.

One of the biggest challenges is that technology is constantly changing. On one-half of the spectrum we have facilities that are embracing the latest advances but on the other half, some are still using spreadsheets to maintain their on-call schedules. That’s where MDsyncNET comes into play. My team and I are dedicated to helping hospital administrators streamline their on-call scheduling processes by achieving more efficient ways to communicate within their organization and beyond. After all, good communication is always key to any businesses’ success.

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