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    Simplified and in real-time

    On-demand call metrics

    Notify staff 24 hours a day

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    Enhance Patient Safety

    Enable your staff to connect with physicians faster and get patients the help they need with the least amount of time and effort.

    Increase Physician Satisfaction

    No more calls to the wrong physician in the middle of the night. Accurate call schedules make for happier physicians.

    Boost Productivity

    Eliminate manual processes in favor of web-based automation, and empower authorized staff with up-to-the-minute information.

    Reduce Costs

    Cut unnecessary expenses.  Digital communication eliminates duplication of effort, and the need for routine printing and faxing.

    Access Anytime, Any Device is available to authorized users from inside or outside your medical facility using any Internet-connected computer or mobile device.

    Customer Insights

    “Just wanted to let you know how much easier this system makes my life!”

    – V Owens, Patient Services, HBH

    “I am very satisfied with MDsyncNET. It saves me time and money.“

    – M Hicks, Director of Medical Staff Services

    “MD Sync Net is a great company and has improved our access to call schedules for our hospital in a very efficient manner.”

    – K James, Manager Call Access Department

    “I highly recommend Brad and MDsyncNET to those who are considering this service.”

    – B Hughes, CME Coordinator at Maui Memorial Medical Center

    6 Modules Accelerate Your Physician Communications

    1. Physician Scheduling Software for physicians, administrators, and employees

    2. Broadcast news and alerts

    3. Forum huddles for virtual discussions and eVoting

    4. HIPAA Compliant Messaging – Coming Soon!

    5. Electronic Phone Directories

    6. Inbound / outbound Call Tracking

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