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Welcome to MDsyncNET

Hospital-to-Physician Communication Solution with On-Call Scheduling


  • Increase Physician Satisfaction
    Calling the wrong practitioner from an outdated and/or manually generated on-call list wastes time. Build your online and real-time schedules now.
  • Boost Productivity
    Manually preparing and distributing on-call lists and other communications takes up valuable time and resources that can be invested elsewhere and on other projects.
  • Reduce Costs
    Printing and faxing on-call list schedules adds up. An automated on-call list slashes use of ink, toner and equipment wear and tear too!


  • We provide our on call list and communications services as a SaaS (software as a service). No software to install.
  • Security includes SSL, User Privileges (e.g. read-only vs. administrators) and Group Memberships.
  • Remote access allows authorized users to login from anywhere at any time to see the posted information.
  • Real-time information available online 24/7/365.
  • Reduces employee stress through improved collaboration.
  • Hospital and physician communications with MDsyncNET is fully customizable to meet your ever-changing needs.


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“Just wanted to let you know how much easier this system makes my life!” – V Owens, Patient Services, HBH

“I am very satisfied with MDsyncNET. It saves me time and money.“ -Mary Hicks, Director of Medical Staff Services

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MDsyncNET has the tools to improve communication, save money and maximize labor efficiency.

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On-Call Scheduling

Simplified and in real-time

Medical Staff Services

The center of every hospital


Notify staff 24 hours a day

MDsyncNET is built upon research and interviews with 1000’s of Medical Staff Coordinators, Physician Leaders, and Information Technology Specialists from across the country.

This highly specialized service was originally designed for a regional medical center to facilitate communications among administrators, practitioners, and other staff members.

Word spread as other hospitals saw the potential for saving time and resources by reducing reliance on paper, phone, fax, and ink to communicate. Errors and omissions commonly occurring with traditional communication processes were also dramatically decreased.

MDsyncNET is a trusted web service used to store up-to-date information which also automates certain communication processes using the latest web technology.


Does your medical staff services have too many interruptions throughout the day requesting the same information over and over again? Do more with less using MDsyncNET.

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Hospital operators can now stop guessing which person to choose out of the physician group.

See our new Call Tracking module.

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