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Get Rid of "Old School" Medical Communication Problems

There is a growing trend within healthcare systems throughout the U.S. to shift resources away from inefficient, “old school" methods of medical communication with physicians and staff members to newer, more effective means. The government mandate of Meaningful Use requires that hospitals transition their paper-based records to electronic format - electronic health records (EHR) - ensuring that hospitals improve quality, safety, and efficiency. Why stop with EHR when trying to build an efficiently run organization?

Take, for example, medical staff services, which typically handles credentialing and basic physician-related communications.  Most hospitals have already purchased credentialing software, enabling chief medical officers (CMOs) and medical staff professionals (MSPs) to be more efficient with their time, less dependent on paper-driven processes, and better organized. However, the role of medical services professionals in recent years has expanded to include tasks related to broader hospital, medical staff, and medical communication issues. At the same time, they are often managing these new responsibilities with outdated and inefficient tools.

3 “Old School” Medical Communication Problems and 1 Simple Solution

  1. Old School:  Paper documents are easily misplaced when hand-delivered to mailboxes or via fax.
  1. Old School: Email Fatigue.  It’s easy to overlook or unintentionally delete an email message containing critical information. Physicians don’t always want to give out personal email addresses in order to avoid being bombarded with emails, also known as email fatigue!
  1. Old School:  Time management. MSP’s and CMO’s must deal with frequent interruptions throughout the day to manually distribute and share information related to hospital policies, committee documents and agendas, medical staff newsletters, and commonly requested physician contact information and files.
    1. Locating, printing, and distributing these documents on demand takes time away from performing other critical tasks.

“Printing, faxing, and spending time on the phone to make sure everyone is in “real-time” with your communications is no longer viable in today’s business environment.”

How do you guarantee that your colleagues have easy access to all the information you want them to see - including time-sensitive news and updates - even outside business hours, on nights and weekends?

New School Solution:

With, your hospital to physician communication portal is always open for business. Post your documents, on-call scheduling, and other vital information in one easy location. All documents are online and in electronic format. Authorized staff members have convenient access around the clock, from any Internet-connected device. This dramatically reduces interruptions for the administrator and helps ensure that staff stay on top of the latest medical staff and hospital policies, protocols, and news.

Here’s how can facilitate your paperless initiatives…

Modules Task
On-Call Maintain and edit real-time On Call Schedules online, 24 hours a day, from inside / outside your facility. e.g. EMTALA, Physician practice information, ER call pay.
Committees Create, Store and Distribute Minutes.  e.g. Monthly Medical Staff departmental and committee meetings currently use binders - most are drowning in paper work.
Directories Departments need real-time demographic information e.g. phone numbers, emails, etc.  Currently lots of paper copies for the roster.  Directories can be updated instantly.
Medical Staff Office & Broadcast Correspondence - Alerts  e.g. pharmacy, Newsletters, Welcome Emails, Committee Events, CME/EDUCATION Calendars and announcements.
Medical Staff Office, Broadcast and Committees Governance - bylaws, rules and regs / policies.Create, Post, Communicate.

Find out how hospitals and other healthcare facilities around the country are making critical improvements seamlessly. We invite you to learn more about MDsyncNET at, or give us a call at 1-888-506-5061 to learn how our system can be customized to meet your needs.

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