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Just Culture Standard: Communication Flow is the Key to Success

There is an ever-growing pressure on hospitals to evaluate doctors for their clinical performance and safety practices. Outcomes are tied to real dollars: Maintaining high standards and excellent patient outcomes translate into maximum financial compensation for the hospital through Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance companies. Under significant pressure, hospital boards are committing more and more commonly to a Just Culture standard within their systems, undertaking the ongoing process of assessing and adjusting their hospital's procedures and protocols in order to best serve patients and staff while adapting to ever-changing demands.

This is great news for patients, physicians and hospital employees. For patients, this commitment translates into a standard of care or best-practices for patient safety with constantly improving outcomes. Physicians and hospital employees become engaged in the process when they know their best interests are being taken into account as hospitals create and implement policies. Moreover, when new expectations are promptly and clearly communicated, physicians feel supported and empowered to give the best possible care in the safest environment possible.

But what happens when hospital communication among employees and physicians is not immediate? Critical time is wasted and there is no peace of mind for physicians, patients, and administrators alike. Miscommunication or inefficient communications may be at the root of a majority of adverse events involving patient care and staff safety. Fluid real-time communication throughout the hospital is essential in order to address emergencies as they arise. bridges the communication gap between hospital employees and physicians.

Here’s how can support your Just Culture standard initiatives:

* Committee and/or board meeting packet documents (pdf, xls, doc) are posted online in MDsyncNET's Committees module by the administrator and viewed only by members of those select groups. This is also where agendas and talking points for upcoming meetings can be accessed virtually from inside or outside your facility.

* Our Forum module is a secure message board where colleagues can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. In addition, Voting capabilities allow for members to weigh in on Just Culture best practice policies, providing clear guidance for administrators.

* The Broadcast module ensures hospital policy updates are received electronically even when email isn’t working. When logging into our Welcome screen, your colleagues will see the latest emails waiting for them. No more “I didn’t get the message”.

* New and updated policies and documents (bylaws, newsletters and protocols) can be posted in the Medical Staff Office module. Just Culture standard documents can be instantly viewed and shared around the clock by authorized critical care providers and hospital staff members.

With over 14 years of experience, continues to grow because our product is unmatched in the marketplace. We provide hospital administrators nationwide with modules that help them increase their facility's efficiency and accuracy of communications, while decreasing duplication of efforts, saving money and resources. Our trusted, secure online system is part of the revolutionary change that you need in your hospital TODAY.

Invest in MDsyncNET – one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways you can help improve your bottom line.

If your hospital hasn’t taken advantage of the many benefits that MDsyncNET provides, then you are missing out. Find out how hospitals and other healthcare facilities around the country are making critical improvements with ease. We invite you to learn more about MDsyncNET at, or give us a call at 1-888-506-5061 to learn how our system can be customized to meet your needs.

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