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5 Easy Ways Hospital Administrators Can Improve Efficiencies and Measure Success

As hospital administrators, you are no doubt thinking about how you are going to meet your budgetary goals every year. The prospect can be even more intimidating since the federal government is now telling all administrators that they must prove that the work they are doing is successful and report on how they are performing in order to obtain federal dollars for their organization.

Everything in the healthcare world is about measurement, so it is vital to make the most efficient use of your time as possible. This includes how efficient you make your meeting times as well. Studies show that large organizations with several employees spend 25% of their time in meetings. In order to save time and money while getting the point across and getting the most out of collaboration, it’s imperative to streamline your efficiencies in your meetings.

Read about these 5 ways  hospital administrators can measure success and make meetings much more effective!

Establish the Meeting’s Purpose – All good meetings have a concrete purpose, and they should be used for solving a problem, communicating important information, or brainstorming. Meetings can easily go sideways because participants are unclear of the intent. Avoid this by communicating the purpose of the meeting at the beginning to help stay focused.

Cut Meeting Times in Half – If you tend to hold hour-long meetings, turn them into half-hour ones. If they’re usually 30 minutes long, then cut them into 15-minute meetings. This will help ensure that what really needs to be addressed is done without taking up too much time.

Turn Off Electronic Devices – Unless these devices are necessary to the meeting, ask attendees to turn off their phones and other instruments. This will help everyone to focus on the matter at hand without distraction, thereby reducing the number of disruptions that will be experienced during the meeting.

Don’t Read the PowerPoint – If you construct a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting, be sure not to waste any time reading off it. Your attendees know how to read. Instead, spend time discussing key assumptions, action items, and new ideas.

Utilize Our Committees and Forum Modules – The world anymore is very technologically savvy, so becoming more efficient in using web-based tools instead of manual tools can greatly benefit your organization. That’s where we can help. While the entirety of our online service will benefit your organization, two of our modules in particular can help you in this endeavor – our Committees and Forum modules. Remote access allows verified users to log in securely from anywhere at any time to view schedules, agendas, resources, and announcements at their convenience. The Committees module simplifies document distribution and ensures that members receive constant and up-to-date information while our Forum module gives members online access to discussions about their committees from the convenience of their office or home. Members can view responses and vote on favorite replies, giving administrators the ability to make new policies based on greater virtual attendance.

If you’re ready to improve your communication, maximize your time, and make your organization even more successful, why wait? Call us today at 1-888-506-5061 or visit us online at to find out more and get started today!

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