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Manual vs. Automated Call Schedules in Healthcare

Healthcare is arguably the only major industry in the world that hasn’t fully embraced automation. Currently, many facilities are taking advantage of wearable technology, electronic health records, and automated patient discharge and follow-up, but there are still several routine activities that are not yet automated. There are many benefits of automation in healthcare, including labor savings, improved quality and consistency, reduced waste, and more!

So, if there is already so much automation in healthcare  -- why is the scheduling process still manual?

Healthcare has entered a new era where every resource needs to be optimized. In order to better control operating costs in this time of fiscal uncertainty, workforce optimization is a necessity. Without a doubt, one of the most valuable resources to facilities is their staff. In fact, workforce accounts for over half of operating costs. Staffing affects readmission rates, mortality rates, and length of patient stay. Despite the importance of using the workforce to their fullest potential, many facilities have not properly examined their on-call scheduling processes.

Over 45% of facilities still do all of their employee scheduling manually.

The scheduling process for healthcare facilities is not as simple as it seems. Often, it is a burdensome task that requires significant time and resources to properly manage. It can have a negative effect on overall operations and hold a facility back from running at its fullest potential. Common manual methods of creating schedules, including hand-written notes, bulletin boards and push pins, and numerous faxes, cannot effectively accommodate the complexity of creating schedules that optimize staff deployment. Without workforce automation, employee schedules and other important data is not easily accessible.

With MDsyncNET, the scheduling process is simplified immensely. Our physician on-call scheduling software is the most effective and efficient way to create automated call schedules, as well as manage physician’s contact information. Not only does our software provide advanced functionality to streamline scheduling processes, it’s available anywhere with an internet connection, improves communication between physicians and healthcare professionals, and can result in significant time and monetary savings.

Technological advancements have caught up with most industries in the work they conduct. The creation and management of on-call schedules is no exception. Automated call schedules allow you to reduce duplication of efforts and optimize your staff’s efficiency, all while reducing operating costs.  

To learn more about our on-call scheduling software, please click here.

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