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Cloud-Based Healthcare Communications to Maximize MSSD Productivity

In an emergency room, patients at greatest risk are treated first. If your Medical Staff Services Department (MSSD) is like most, it engages in its own form of triage. Rampant ringing telephones, email epidemics, and outbreaks of in-person requests all compete for the staff member’s attention.  Even for the most adroit multitasker, it can be extremely challenging to efficiently pivot from one demand to the next without something – or someone – falling through the cracks.

If your MSSD is feverishly attempting to meet the needs of your hospital or clinic, it may be time to bring in a specialist. MDsyncNET’s eight-module, cloud-based healthcare communications software solution enhances productivity while delivering real-time information to the fingertips of those who need it.

MDsyncNET’s Medical Staff Services healthcare communications module enables physicians and administrators to become more engaged and better informed by directly accessing all of the following - and more - on demand:

  1. Bylaws
  2. Chain of command
  3. Committee lists
  4. Department lists
  5. Medical student packets
  6. Calendars
  7. Newsletters
  8. Policies and procedures
  9. Rules and regulations
  10. Physician events calendar

Our On-Call Scheduling module is the broad-spectrum solution that eliminates the need for staff members to field phone calls, handwritten notes, and email in order to create and continually update on-call schedules. Accessible from any Internet connection inside or outside of the facility, On-Call Scheduling can be effortlessly created and disseminated via your intranet or our website. The result? Having up-to-the-minute, accurate schedules mitigates risk and improves patient care and satisfaction.

Six other modules round out MDsyncNET’s Software-as-a-Service healthcare communications solution: Committees streamlines staff workflow by enabling authorized users to virtually retrieve pertinent committee materials; Broadcast allows staff to utilize email templates, create distribution lists, and send blasts at the push of a button; Phone Directories ensures that internal and external contact information is up-to-date and readily accessible; and Forum lays the foundation for virtual policy dialogue and voting on hospital and committee policies and procedures. Text Messaging allows for instant communication using the latest mobile phone technology.  Call tracking of inbound/outbound calls provides important metrics for improving the overall service your hospital provides.

Triage is the right solution for the emergency room but is an inefficient way to operate an MSSD. The last thing you want is for your medical staff, administrative staff, and board members to linger in the proverbial waiting room. See to it they have the information they need when they need it on

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