Collaborate online

Collaboration At Your Fingertips

Streamline intra-facility communications by providing staff with 24/7 healthcare huddles, timely discussions, and polls.


Global Distribution

Informational posts are accessible by any authorized user at your facility.

Group Selection

Limit the audience for your communications.

Virtual Healthcare Huddles

Threaded group discussions in a secure online environment.


Poll your colleagues for instant feedback.

Document Attachment

Post supporting documents for your huddles and e-voting.

Push Notifications

Direct colleagues via email to relevant discussions and polls.

Assign Administrative Privileges

Delegate responsibility for managing specific discussions.



Admin Chat
Virtual Committee Meetings
Peer Review
Physician Concerns



Facilitates team coordination and communication.

Increase Engagement

Gather more feedback, boost meeting attendance, and promote greater cooperation among group members.

Virtually Create Policy

At-a-glance feedback enables informed decision-making.

Stay Organized

Create multiple, easy-to-navigate topics for any discussion.


While in-person meetings have their place, virtual meetings that leverage cloud-based software can accomplish more with less – less time, less hassle, and less cost. Virtual healthcare huddles can meet the needs of the group via threaded group discussions, polls, or group chat. The result? Increased collaboration, engagement, and transparency.


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  • “I am very satisfied with MDsyncNET. It saves me time and money. Brad and his team are very responsive to any of my questions.”
    Mary Hicks Director Medical Staff Services
  • “Just wanted to let you know how much easier this system makes my life!”
    V Owens Patient Services, HBH
  • “A one-stop shop for hospital to practitioner communications. A great way to unify communications between hospital employees and physicians.”
    Dr. M Fletcher Vice President of Medical Staff Services

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