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Provider Scheduling and Communications Streamlined with MDsyncNET

Every organization worth its weight has a strategic plan, along with goals and objectives. In healthcare organizations, goals and objectives can do more than impact the bottom line; they can have life-and-death consequences.

Increasing efficiency and boosting productivity are perennial staples of organizational plans. Communication is a central driver in achieving these objectives. Everyone, from a facility’s administrators to medical staff professionals to information technologists, can leverage provider scheduling and communication to do more with less.

MDsyncNET delivers cloud-based software that enhances facility-wide communication in ways that support the organization’s overarching goals. Sticky notes, paper phone messages, and faxes pertaining to provider scheduling changes can be replaced. For that matter, pencil-and-paper or spreadsheet-based on-call schedules can be upgraded to web-based provider schedules that can be accessed all day, every day by authorized users inside or outside of the facility. Access from any internet-connected device represents tremendous savings in labor, as schedules no longer need to be printed, distributed, and posted around the facility.

On-call schedules are often the bane of existence for physicians, switchboard operators, and schedulers. MDsyncNET enables collaboration and ensures that real-time, accurate information is disseminated to all staff members. The result? Less staff frustration, increased satisfaction among physicians, and fewer instances of, “I didn’t get the message.”

When it comes to fulfilling an organization’s communication goals, MDsyncNET’s on-call provider scheduling module is just the tip of the iceberg. The software provider also offers seven other modules that can help streamline healthcare communications: The Medical Staff Services module delivers flexible document management and timely access to relevant documents. The Committees module simplifies the distribution of committee documents, calendars, and agendas. The Broadcast module delivers important messages to intended recipients, and provides read receipts to ensure the message is received. Four other modules round out MDsyncNET’s suite of solutions, designed to support the goals and objectives of healthcare organizations.

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