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MDsyncNET Releases Version 4.0 of Its Signature Physician Scheduling Software

MDsyncNET, the developer of best-in-class cloud-based healthcare communications solutions, has announced the release of version 4.0 of its physician on-call scheduling software. According to MDsyncNET Co-Founder and CEO Brad Goldsmith, “This update combines increased functionality with an intuitive user interface to streamline the physician scheduling process.”

Goldsmith says that all of MDsyncNET’s modules have evolved considerably since their inception 18 years ago, but none more so than the physician scheduling module. “We carefully listen to the feedback we receive from our hospital, practice group, and specialty group clients, and adapt the technology to best meet their needs,” he said.

The software company incorporated increased functionality directly into the primary interface and utilized pop-ups so users can quickly access additional details, thus reducing the learning curve.

The latest version of MDsyncNET’s physician scheduling software also incorporates refinements for easy visualization. A new welcome screen and specialized reports utilize red, yellow, and green to enable administrators and schedulers to immediately see which schedules are in the system and which are not. “This helps staff ensure complete coverage and prevents missing schedules from falling through the cracks at the beginning of every month,” Goldsmith said.

In recognition of the central role MDsyncNET’s scheduling software plays in facilities around the U.S., for a limited time the company is bundling Version 4.0 with three other MDsyncNET software modules: Directories, Text Messaging, and Call Tracking. The Directories module supplies a list of pertinent contact information that can be updated in real time, while the Text Messaging module enables communication to be delivered to cell phones and pagers. Call Tracking allows hospital switchboard and transfer centers to streamline reaching on-call doctors by monitoring staged visual notifications while providing administrators with call cycle metrics that deliver insights into physician responsiveness. “Offering this bundle to new clients provides them with a full suite of scheduling, communication, and tracking tools that they can implement and greatly benefit from on their first day of training,” said Goldsmith.

MDsyncNET’s rollout of Version 4.0 of its physicians scheduling software comes closely on the heels of improvements to the company’s mass communication Broadcast module, which enables clients to effortlessly send urgent and informational messages to customizable groups and track read receipts. “We’re committed to an iterative process of improvement based on our clients’ ever-changing needs and industry best practices for all of our software products,” said Goldsmith, who anticipates that MDsyncNET will expand into new markets within the next year.

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