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Texas Health Resources Extends Adoption of MDsyncNET to 13 Hospitals

JANUARY 15, 2019 – INDIANAPOLIS, IN – MDsyncNET ( today announced that Texas Health Resources (THR), the largest faith-based nonprofit health system in North Texas, deployed MDsyncNET’s physician on-call scheduling software across its 13 wholly owned hospitals. According to MDsyncNET Co-Founder and CEO Brad Goldsmith, “We’re committed to providing Texas Health Resources with the capacity to create shift and on-call schedules that help streamline communications throughout their hospitals.”

MDsyncNET initially partnered with THR in 2012 to provide its physician scheduling software to five hospitals; the company recently onboarded an additional eight hospitals. “MDsyncNET provides a consistent, standardized system for managing and communicating emergency department call schedules,” said George Pearson, senior vice president of Texas Health Resources’ Medical Staff Affairs and Physician Relations. “The software has the potential to offer visibility into call availability across a service line, allowing us to expand the call pool in regional service areas,” increasing patient access to providers.

MDsyncNET’s on-call scheduling software enables schedulers to make real-time updates that are accessible to staff members from any Internet-connected device. “Accurate schedules and updated physician contact information translate to quicker response times, enhancing patient care,” said Goldsmith. “The resulting reports provide hospital compliance teams with a mechanism to increase the efficiency of the audit process, eliminating duplicate provider payments and delivering greater organizational cost efficiencies.”

The company’s on-call scheduling software is one of eight modules offered to hospitals like those in the THR system. The suite of products also allows web-based messages to be distributed to designated lists of recipients; manages committee meetings; supports online discussion forums; and provides call centers with the ability to calculate and store call cycle metrics.

“We look forward to supporting THR as they serve communities across Texas,” Goldsmith concluded. “Hospitals looking to stay competitive partner with MDsyncNET because our technology is a cornerstone of value-based healthcare delivery.”


About MDsyncNET is the flagship product of MobileKnowledge, Inc., a company founded in 2001 with a single-minded mission: to create world-class software that delivers value while solving customers’ greatest challenges.

For additional information about MDsyncNET’s partnership with Texas Health Resources or the company’s cloud-based healthcare communications solutions, contact:

Brad Goldsmith, Co-Founder and CEO

About Texas Health Resources

Texas Health Resources is the largest faith-based, nonprofit health systems in North Texas in terms of patients served. Texas Health has more than 350 points of access, 25,000 employees and 6,200 physicians with active staff privileges, with the collective aim to provide employers and consumers in North Texas with more affordable, high-quality, and better-coordinated care.

For more information about Texas Health Resources, call 1-877-THR-WELL or visit

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