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Physician Scheduling Software: Why You Should Take the Leap

Hospitals are living, breathing ecosystems that must adapt in order to survive. It’s the job of those in leadership to recognize when the time is ripe for change and then to shepherd the organization through the process. One of the often-overlooked but high-impact adaptations hospital systems can make is adopting physician scheduling software.

Knowing When the Time is Right for Physician Scheduling Software

There are three primary signs that it’s time for your hospital system to make the switch to physician scheduling software:

1. Growing frustration:

  • Schedulers are frustrated because they spend much of each week fielding change requests.
  • Physicians are frustrated because they aren’t sure if they’re schedule to work or be on call.
  • Call center staff are frustrated because outdated schedules mean they call the wrong physicians.

2. Delays in patient care:

  • Emergency department patient care is delayed while staff sorts out which specialist is on call.
  • ED throughput is slowed due to outdated call schedules.
  • Surgeries are delayed because team members are working off of different schedules.

3. Confusion reigns:

  • Outdated schedules are posted in staff lounges.
  • ED staff become switchboard operators as physicians call for schedule checks on nights and weekends.
  • Physicians receive double payments because Accounting can’t properly reconcile on call shifts.

If your hospital system is constructing physician schedules using spreadsheets or pen-and-paper, then the inefficiencies are having an impact on staff morale, patient safety, and your bottom line.

Leading the Change

Moving toward adopting scheduling software begins with engaging stakeholders. In your hospital system, stakeholders likely include the CMO, CIO, CFO, physicians, nurses, schedulers, and the call center. Prior to implementing change, it’s important to:

  • Do a deep dive into each group’s perception of the advantages and drawbacks of the current scheduling system
  • Present the investment, features, and learning curve of the physician scheduling software you’re considering
  • Pinpoint the urgency in automating physician scheduling and how it will positively impact each group of stakeholders
  • Recruit a member of each group to join the implementation team
  • Identify an evangelist within each group of stakeholders who will broadcast the benefits of physician scheduling software, engage their colleagues and coworkers, and bring them on board
  • Develop a communication plan that ensures transparency about the implementation process
  • Create straightforward mechanisms for receiving and addressing concerns

Once you’ve completed these steps, your hospital system is ready to adopt physician scheduling software.

The Goldilocks Principle

When selecting physician scheduling software for your hospital system, it’s important to find the right balance. All too often, hospital systems utilize software that has unneeded bells and whistles. This leads to greater expense, unnecessarily complicated training, and slower adoption rates. In contrast, physician scheduling software offered by MDsyncNET is right-sized for most hospital systems. Adoption rates hover at 98%, and users are fully prepared after one hour of training.

There are numerous advantages to adopting automated cloud-based physician scheduling software. Schedules are available to authorized users from any internet-connect device within or outside of the hospital. Schedule updates can be made and disseminated in real time, enabling everyone to work from the same schedule. Finally, shifts can be readily tracked for the purposes of physician payment, auditing, and EMTALA documentation.

If your hospital system is still using manual scheduling processes, it’s time to take the leap to automation. MDsyncNET can help. Call 888-506-5061 today to learn how MDsyncNET can create efficiencies, boost staff morale, and enhance patient care.

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