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Infographic: 5 Ways that Lack of Visibility into Physician Schedules is Costing Your Hospital Money

MDsyncNET has developed an infographic that outlines the ways that lack of visibility into physician schedules is costing your hospital money:

Poor communication: Outdated schedules lead to more calls to the wrong providers, an increase in inaccurate switchboard transfers, and slower message delivery time.

Decreased patient safety: Inaccurate scheduling can lead to patient leakage, higher readmission rates, and lower reimbursements.

Poor employee utilization: Manual processes lead to more FTEs due to increased switchboard calls, more training time, and more time creating and reporting on schedules.

Lower physician retention: Increased physician frustration leads to higher recruitment costs, greater locum tenens needs, and higher onboarding costs.

Higher staffing costs: Manual scheduling can lead to increased overtime, higher rates of burnout, and lower productivity.

In contrast, cloud-based scheduling software increases schedule visibility.

MDsyncNET’s web-based physician scheduling software delivers four advantages: it provides a single source of truth; allows for shift tracking for auditing and EMTALA compliance; supports contract negotiations; and reduces labor costs. Call 888-506-5061 to see how MDsyncNET can help you eliminate lack of visibility into physician schedules and champion physician scheduling software in your organization.

You can download the PDF of the infographic here:

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