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Infographic: 8 Steps to Solving Provider Burnout

Provider burnout is at an all-time high. Taking active measures to increase physician satisfaction is good for the physician, the patient, and the healthcare organization.

Six warning signs of provider burnout are: exhaustion, substance use, relationship problems, medical errors, tension with colleagues and staff, and depression.

Research has found that 44% of physicians feel burned out, 11% feel blue, and 4% are clinically depressed.

Within the medical profession, these five specialties have the highest rates of physician burnout: urology, neurology, physical medicine, internal medicine, and emergency medicine.

The top causes of physician burnout are cited as too much paperwork, working too much, electronic health records, not enough respect, and not enough pay.

There are a number of good reasons to address the issue of provider burnout, including increased engagement, fewer medical errors, less turnover, improved patient experience, and cost savings.

There are eight steps you can take to reduce provider burnout, including providing a physician lounge, offering communications training, teaching mindfulness, organizing group discussions, creating real-time schedules, revisiting shift schedules, fostering physician stakeholders, and nurturing physician leaders.

MDsyncNET is a leading provider of cloud-based on-call physician scheduling software. Automated scheduling can help reduce burnout. To learn how MDsyncNET can help automate your physician scheduling processes, call 888-508-5061.

Download MDsyncNET's infographic, ”8 Steps to Solving Physician Burnout” here:

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