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Infographic: The Domino Effect of Contacting the Wrong On-Call Physician

Calling the wrong on-call physician triggers a domino effect that negatively impacts physician and staff morale, patient safety, and your organization's bottom line.

MDsyncNET has developed an infographic that outlines the ways that contacting the wrong on-call physician hurt hospital revenue. When physician schedules are constructed using spreadsheets or pen-and-paper, the system is designed to fail:

  • Physician morale plummets
  • Patient safety is impacted
  • Hospital system revenue suffers

In contrast, physician scheduling software provides a single source of truth for physicians, administrators, and schedulers.

MDsyncNET’s web-based physician scheduling software delivers four advantages: low set-up fees, simple to learn, an exceptional adoption rate, and painless scheduling swaps. Call 888-506-5061 to see how MDsyncNET can help you champion physician scheduling software in your organization.

You can download the PDF of the infographic here:

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