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Healthcare Costs: MDsyncNET Helps You Waste Less and Pay Less!

We are always looking for ways to save more money. We hunt for bargains at certain times of the year for electronic devices or vehicles; we use apps on our smartphones to help us determine which location has the cheapest gas, and we are constantly researching ways to help us save money on the road and in our homes. Businesses as well are always thinking of different ways they can save money and use less while delivering excellent service, and the healthcare industry is no exception.

Time and time again, studies have shown that healthcare costs in this country are too high. In fact, according to a 2012 Institute of Medicine report on healthcare spending in 2009, $2.7 trillion was spent nationally on healthcare that year, but $810 billion – 30% of this amount – was wasted on unnecessary services, excessive administrative costs, inefficient service delivery, predatory pricing, and fraud and abuse. Furthermore, these same studies show that in spite of all the money our nation spends on healthcare, we are not healthier than those who pay much less in other countries.

With data and findings like these, it is quite easy for hospital administrators to feel as if the cycle of wasting and paying more will never be fixed; however, relief is quite possible. The healthcare industry is beginning to inch toward strategies that help in cutting healthcare costs, and conserving resources and money in an effort to provide superior service at a lower cost.

A major way we can begin wasting less and spending less is by avoiding duplication. For example, when hospitals invest in MDsyncNET, the amount of effort that is typically invested is noticeably decreased while accuracy is increased. Even the task of making a phone call will take less time and effort. Instead of playing operator by relaying the message to someone, who in turn needs to give someone else the same message as well, an authorized user can provide the proper information needed via MDsyncNET. This information will be readily available for all authorized users to view.

While the idea of spending less and wasting less is tantalizing and worthy of pursuit, the singular question remains – how can hospitals begin taking steps toward this goal? The answer is simple. By relying on MDsyncNET, hospitals will be able to realize their goal in providing proper care for patients without using too many resources or wasting time or money unnecessarily.

Our secure online system’s modules are designed to help hospitals do more with less. Keep everyone in the know and coordinate like a pro with our Committees module; this module allows authorized users to view schedules, agenda materials, and resources of all the committees at any time. Save time and eliminate frustration by making sure that the right provider is reached at the right time for the right patient every time with our On-Call module. These modules, our 4 other modules, and our superlative features will help you save money.

Additionally, MDsyncNET can help you stop wasting physical resources. Eliminate the need to use reams of paper with our trusted and secure online system. We convert all of the paper-driven processes into electronic management systems, which help reduce duplication and errors. Our system helps you drastically reduce the use of supplies and labor hours to support manual processes.

Our country is a strong and generous one, but we need to keep moving forward if we want to better ourselves. If we can stop wasting our resources, time, and money, we can begin taking steps to bettering our own hospitals and properly caring for our patients. Take that first step with MDsyncNET by visiting or calling us at 1-888-506-5061.

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