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Emergency department physicians are on the front lines of community well-being, yet inefficient emergency department physician scheduling and communication can have a negative impact on:

Emergency department throughput
ED CAHPS scores
EMTALA compliance
MDsyncNET's emergency department physician scheduling software solves these dilemmas.

Meeting the Needs of the Moment

emergency department physician scheduling 1

Increase Throughput

MDsyncNET provides the versatility necessary to schedule both emergency department physicians and on-call specialists. MDsyncNET’s streamlined schedules help minimize ED boarding and reduce hospital admissions while increasing cost savings.

Decrease Patient Leakage

MDsyncNET’s scheduling software and phone directory help ensure that the right on-call physician is contacted. Proper staffing decreases ambulance diversion and the resulting patient leakage.
emergency department physician scheduling 2
emergency department physician scheduling

Ensure EMTALA Compliance

MDsyncNET’s built-in archival and tracking systems guarantee that information is preserved and enables administrators to audit data regarding physician coverage for seven years.

Boost ED CAHPS Scores

MDsyncNET’s scheduling and communications software helps ensure that emergency department personnel are on the same page. When the ED runs smoothly, the patient experience improves, leading to greater patient satisfaction and better ED CAHPS scores.
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