Creating a Business Case for On-Call Physician Software

Creating a Business Case for On-Call Physician Software

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The healthcare industry is under increasing pressure to cut spending while improving efficiency. The automation of manual tasks is one logical focus for performance improvement. Yet, in many healthcare organizations throughout the country, administrative staff still manually create and update their on-call schedules.

In contrast, on-call physician scheduling software provides a single source of truth for scheduling. Changes are made in real time and schedules are accessible online 24/7/365. This saves facilities money, increases job performance, and improves both physician and patient satisfaction.

That said, facilities don’t adopt scheduling software overnight. The process starts by building a business case and getting the buy-in of stakeholders. This workbook is designed to guide you through the process of building your case. Its insightful questions about critical data points, operations, key stakeholders, compliance, and quality will help you make the case for adopting on-call physician software in your organization.
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