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Top 5 Reasons to Use Cloud-Based Physician On-Call Schedules

Creating physician schedules using pen-and-paper or spreadsheets were the best available option early in the 21st century. Now that we’re in the Roaring '20s, it makes sense to reap the benefits of current cloud-based technology. Here are five reasons you should prioritize adopting cloud-based physician on-call schedules.

1. Readily Accessible

Disseminating paper-based or spreadsheet schedules is time-consuming. Ever-changing distribution lists make maintenance cumbersome, and recipients can’t help but wonder whether they have the most current schedule. In contrast, up-to-date cloud-based schedules are accessible around the clock from any internet-connected device.

2. Decentralized Scheduling

The use of pen-and-paper or spreadsheet physician schedules necessitates a “great decoder,” someone who funnels all requests and changes into a master schedule. With cloud-based physician on-call schedules, individual departments and practice groups can create their own schedules, forgoing reliance on a great decoder.

3. Increased Physician Satisfaction

Outdated and inaccurate manual schedules lead to miscommunication. When the wrong physician is contacted, everyone becomes frustrated. Cloud-based physician on-call schedules ensure the right on-call physician is called, one factor in boosting physician satisfaction.

4. Enhanced Patient Care

Timely patient care is critical to their well-being. By ensuring that the right doctor is called the first time, real-time cloud-based physician on-call schedules support faster patient care and better outcomes.

5. Reduced Labor Costs

Cloud-based physician on-call scheduling software reduces labor costs by streamlining scheduling. Having a centralized online scheduling system eliminates duplication of work and redundant processes, resulting in significantly less staff hours to create, maintain, and distribute schedules.

Implementing cloud-based physician on-call schedules saves time, money, and frustration. Scheduling software boosts the bottom line while improving morale.

MDsyncNET provides cloud-based physician scheduling that can be updated in real-time and accessed by authorized users from any internet-connected device. To learn more about how MDsyncNET’s physician scheduling solution can help you achieve your goals, call 888-506-5061.

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