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5 Steps to Championing the Best Physician Scheduling Software

If your hospital is ready to automate physician scheduling, then you may need to make the case for adopting the best physician scheduling software.

The first step is to identify stakeholders. The stakeholders may include the chief medical officer, chief information officer, chief financial officer, chief nursing officer, as well as physicians, schedulers, and telecommunications.

Once stakeholders have been identified, it’s time to consult them. Stakeholders can help you identify scheduling challenges, quantify the impact of scheduling issues, and pinpoint barriers to change. They can also help determine the appropriate timeline for selection and implementation of the best physician scheduling software, as well as the markers of success.

The next step is to identify costs and benefits. The benefits might include increased productivity, savings in operating costs, improved patient care, and better staff morale. Then, it’s time to develop a transparent communication plan. That needs to address the people who need access to make changes to the schedule, the procedures for when bugs occur or the software is down, and mechanisms for addressing concerns.

Next comes the process of selecting a vendor with a proven track record. You’ll want to review software features, vendor references, number of years in business, customer support systems, and cost.

MDsyncNET has developed this infographic to help you identify and implement the five steps to championing the best physician scheduling software for your facility.

MDsyncNET’s web-based physician scheduling software delivers four advantages: no set-up fees, no unnecessary bells and whistles, a 98 percent adoption rate across hospitals, and only one hour of training needed. Call 888-506-5061 to see how MDsyncNET can help you champion physician scheduling software in your facility.

You can download a PDF of the graphic here:

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