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Because academic medical centers are responsible to a variety of stakeholders, provider scheduling must balance:

Clinical and teaching schedules
Research and clinical schedules
Attending, resident, and intern schedules
MDsyncNET’s academic medical center software delivers the balance needed.

Meeting Myriad Needs

MDsyncNet Academic Medical Centers Illustration

Create Responsive Physician Schedules

MDsyncNET provides the flexibility you need to accommodate demands on physician time across multiple locations. Whether you’re scheduling attendings and residents, clinic responsibilities, or research hours, MDsyncNET effortlessly adapts to your requirements.

Comply with ACGME’s Duty Hour Limits

MDsyncNET’s academic medical center software allows those responsible for scheduling residents to ensure compliance with ACGME’s duty hour limits and support residents’ well-being.
MDsyncNet Academic Medical Centers Illustration
MDsyncNet Academic Medical Centers Illustration

Design Cross-Departmental Call Schedules

MDsyncNET makes it easy to create both call assignments on a master schedule and separate on-call schedule groups. MDsyncNET’s cloud-based scheduling and mobile app mean providers can access real-time schedules 24/7 from any device.

The Latest News

MDsyncNET provides timely information and commentary about healthcare staffing challenges and solutions.
Janice A. Krehel, BA, CPCS, CPCSM - Director Medical Staff Services
“Now that we use the MDsyncNet On-Call scheduling module we have virtually eliminated calling errors."
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