Frequently Asked Questions

Is MDsyncNET secure?

Yes, we use SSL encryption, usernames, passwords and other methods. Ask for details.

How do my colleagues access MDsyncNET?

Our system can be accessed from any web browser with an Internet connection from inside or outside your facility.

Do I need to memorize another username / password?

There are multiple ways to access MDsyncNET. You can use a username and password or a secure URL link. We can provide you with a URL that you can use as a bookmark in your favorite browser or as a desktop icon that provides instant access. It can also be used to give read-only access to the day’s call schedule from your facility’s Intranet.

Who can see the information I post on MDsyncNET?

Only those users who you authorize can access MDsyncNET.

How much does MDsyncNET cost?

There are up to eight modules available in your customizable package. Pricing is based on the number of modules selected. During a 30-minute initial consultation, we will together determine how our services best align with and support your organization’s objectives and provide pricing details for your selected package.

How long will it take to set up our facility?

Typically, it takes one to two weeks to install your primary physician, administrator, and employee demographic information into MDsyncNET and another one to two weeks to train administrators.

How do you handle training?

Training is completed via online meeting software. We pick a day or two and ask your colleagues to sign up for a one-hour training session.

Do you integrate with any other software systems?

Yes – Every night we can get a fresh list of your medical staff information from any primary source, e.g., credentialing software, EMRs, etc.

Can I put my hospital employee and physician office schedules in MDsyncNET?

Yes – Virtually 100% of our customers use the On-Call Scheduling module for more than Emergency Room / EMTALA scheduling. Other uses include, but are not limited to: Admin on Duty, IT, Surgery Scrubs, Residents, Nurses, Physician clinic/offices, snow removal, and more.

Is there a way to hide information from a read-only user?

Yes – Settings allow for hiding many types of information (e.g. a physician’s personal phone / email) from read-only users.

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