View schedules, agendas, resources and announcements

Secure Team Communications

Simplify the secure distribution of your committee documents, agendas, and meeting dates with our hospital committee software.

Hospital Committee Software Capabilities

Unlimited Committee Groups

Manage all of your committees in a single online location.

Permission Management

Only authorized committee members can view the information provided to their team.

Document Retrieval

Committee members can access their group’s documents from their home or office.

Long-Term Scheduling

With our hospital committee software, you can schedule committee meetings up to one year in advance.



Committee members can view their group’s agendas and schedules online, whenever it is convenient for them.

Real-Time Information

Ensure all committee members are receiving consistent and up-to-date information.

Cost Savings

Virtual documents lead to real savings by eliminating printing costs.


Communication is key to a committee’s effectiveness. When all committee members have access to accurate schedules, agendas, and supporting materials, meetings run more smoothly and informed discussions flourish. Medical staff and administrators who have 24/7 access to reliable information are more engaged in committee work, which in turn results in stronger monitoring, better patient care, and smoother hospital operations. MDsyncNET’s hospital committee software delivers enables committees to efficiently meet their objectives.


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Client Testimonials

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  • “I am very satisfied with MDsyncNET. It saves me time and money. Brad and his team are very responsive to any of my questions.”
    Mary Hicks Director Medical Staff Services
  • “Just wanted to let you know how much easier this system makes my life!”
    V Owens Patient Services, HBH
  • “A one-stop shop for hospital to practitioner communications. A great way to unify communications between hospital employees and physicians.”
    Dr. M Fletcher Vice President of Medical Staff Services

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